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Destroyer 666 - Violence is the Prince of this World

Rating - 7/10


By Zach Finkelstein

            Here's some filthy, violent death metal from the ex-guitarist of Bestial Warlust. If you like that band then you'll probably like this too since it sounds similar. I don't think that a permanent line-up had been secured when this was recorded because they are two amazing drummers who play on different tracks. The sound quality is awful, but the songs are able to overcome it. This album is almost 30 minutes, but most of the songs are less than three minutes long and there are seven songs on the album. The vocals are more in a black or thrash metal vein than in what I would consider death vocals; it's more a scream than a grunt. This is extremely raw overall and there is no point on the album where the violent power of Destroyer 666 is underplayed by a keyboard. "The Eternal Glory Of War" is a good long track to close up with, but my favorite is "True Sons Of Satan". If you like your death metal dirty, raw and violent look no further. Built for speed, not for comfort.

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