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Entwined - Dancing Under Glass

Rating - 2/5


By Greg Northrup

            This album is pretty mediocre. Entwined is obviously trying to cash in on the whole gothic metal craze. The music is good and well delivered but the singer is pretty bad. I am not familiar with the history of Entwined at all, but the singer sounds like he is one of those guys who used to sing death style, but decided to sing clean in the name of 'progression'. Anyway, the clean vocals suck, and the brief moments in which death vocals are used ("Red Winter") are actually really good.

            The album is generally an up-tempo affair, kind of like Crematory, but without their awesome death vocals. In the place of the death vocals, Entwined feature some guy at least trying to sing cleanly. Actually, this album would be pretty good if they maybe altered the production a little bit. If they turned the lame ass keyboards down and turned up the guitars in the mix, it would make a world of difference. Also, they should either let their vocalist sing death style or just get somebody else who can sing cleanly.

            Entwined's album seems to be some sort of half-hearted attempt on the part of Earache to gobble up the huge fanbase the Paradise Lost left behind after it's One Second album. Entwined is big on the whole overdone goth/doom imagery thing, something that Anathema, My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost have all mastered and moved beyond, in their own distinctive ways, of course. Entwined, on the other hand, offers nothing distinctive by way of the generic, not to mention trendy, keyboard-laden gothic metal.

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