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Nazxul - Totem

Rating - 10/10

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By Zach Finkelstein

            Nazxul - Australian for "We're going to make your head explode by being the most evil and brutal black metal band you've ever heard." (Not really, I still don't know what the name means.) The vocalist is obviously a demon, the vocals are amazing and sick. The guitar riffs are pretty simple but the recording sounds so dense that everything melds together, there isn't any empty space in the background. The drumming is good but nothing spectacular. Naxzul plays both black metal and some death with vampyric overtones. Hunt down the album, do it, get it, kill me, I'm right here, do it! What a sick CD.

            P.S. The last song is 30 minutes of rain followed by a great bonus song, but all that rain, maybe the Australians aren't as extreme as they want us to think, eh?

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