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Covenant - Nexus Polaris

Rating - 2/10

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By Zack Finkelstein

            Here's a metal supergroup who probably could have recorded an awesome CD.  Instead you've got Hellhammer tapping away at 1/3 of  his potential speed or skill while every possible shitty space sound is crammed into mid-paced, flat sounding songs that don's really do anything for me.  There are clean piano parts, female and male clean vocals (which are alright, I'll admit it) and the guitar and bass are so supressed in the mix that there really isn't any edge on the music.  There isn't any attack on this CD.   Nagash's vocals are mostly annoying and I would say that the synth parts suck but Sverd can play so it's an empty complaint.  I can't see this album as anything more than whining metal, which, based solely on the band members will sell many copies and land them many undeserved interviews where they can explain their "art".  I'm glad this CD was a gift, I would never have forgiven myself for buying this media produced crap.

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