Morgion - Solinari

Rating - 4/5

By Greg Northrup

        This album certainly doesn't score points for originality, but it is nonetheless an excellent dose of old My Dying Bride/Paradise Lost style doom metal. Morgion uses much of what standard doom/death metal intrumentation, but uses it well. Death vocals, tasteful keyboards and the occasional up-tempo (relatively) bridge are all used to good effect. On the other hand, the spoken word passages that Morgion loves to uses are rather dull.

        Some parts of the album are a little too plodding for my taste. My attention wandered during both the first and last track, the middle being the stronger portion on the record. The last track is especially unneccesary, considering that it's just an unaccompanied synthesizer droning on some chords for an extended period of time.

        I fully expect this album to grow on me further. I was a little put off by the lack of innovation and the perpetuation of what has become a standard doom metal formula, but if this came out a few years ago it would be a classic. Fans of the old My Dying Bride and Anathema stuff will find this to be a satisfying album.

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