Sleep - Jerusalem

Rating - 2/5

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By Greg Northrup

            What the f!#k?   What the hell just happened?  Where am I?  I've just emerged from the 52 minute, 1 song mindfuck known as Jersusalem, and I don't quite know what to make of it.  Sure, this has gotten a lot of rave reviews just for the fact that it takes a lot of balls needed to put something like this together, but there's really not that much interesting stuff going on.  Yeah, it's ambitious, long and (I guess) conceptual but this is no Edge of Sanity or Rush album, to be sure.  There is basically three or four different riffs in the entire album, a couple solos with a lot of feedback and shouted, punctuated vocals.  Sounds to me like one long drugged out stoner jam.   The guitars sound great though, and put up massive collage of dense, swirling textures.

             I can appreciate this album for what it is, just a sheer 52 minute wall of heaviness, but I can't really give my recommendation to it.  It's cool to put on for background music, but trying to stick headphones on and pick up on all the subtleties is a fruitless task.   I tried this once, but the album starts off with a guitar droning unaccompanied for the first two and half minutes, so I  threw off my headphones in utter frustration.   Interesting for what it is, but I probably won't be listening to it very much.   Very odd... but I guess that's the charm of it.

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