Primordial - A Journey's End

Rating - 4/5

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By Greg Northrup

           Great, moody, semi doomy stuff from this Irish group.  Let me start off by saying that rumours of this groups having an "Irish Folk" sound are greatly exaggerated.  It's definently melodic, and there are some folk elements, but definitely not to the extent that I had expected.  For the most part it's a very unique mixture of moody guitar melodies mixed with some excellent acoustic guitars along with a good balance of clean and "death" vocals.

            When the first song "Graven Idol" kicked in, I thought it was a rather campy attempt at creating atmosphere for about the first 1:30.  It almost has a melodic black metal feel to it, trebly guitar melodies and semi screechy vocals.  Anyway, by the time the incredible clean vocals kicked in,  I knew they were on to something special.   The song proceeds to blast into a powerful chorus and a great melodic outro.  By them time the next track "Dark Song" was through, I was definently sold on the album.   Great acoustic guitars under a catchy, but still melancholic vocal melody.   The best was yet to come however, as the next song "Autumn's Ablaze" continued where "Graven Idol" left off, except with more of the powerful clean vocals.  The rest of the album at least retains the consistency of the first three tracks, as some of later tracks such as "Bitter Harvest" go back to the screechy vocal style for their basis. 

            I was a little weary of the production the first time through, since the guitars don't really sound that great.  I think they could have made the guitar melodies stand out a little more, as they are a little bit obscured by the drums and vocals.  After a few listens though, I've gotten used to the production and I must admit, the ambience that's created in the sound of the album is actually really excellent.  It's hard to explain, but between the album cover, the production, and the powerfully moody music, you really begin to feel immersed in the atmosphere of the album.  Great stuff.

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