Scholomance - A Treatise on Love

Rating - 4/5

scholcover.jpg (53610 bytes)

By Greg Northrup        

        Now this is my type of thing. Progressive ideas are mixed seamlessly with brutal vocals and attack. The riffs are all symphonic/classically inspired, and range from jerky, violent rhythms to lilting keyboard solos.

        One of the strengths of Scholomance is in the brilliant use of modern techniques such as drum programming and sampling. The drum machine is so manic and deranged that it is almost impossible to latch on to groove before being slammed face first into a total new idea. Very meticulous and complex drum patterns compliment and accent the rest of the instruments perfectly.

        This is complicated, progressive and brutal in every sense. From instrumentation to lyrics to individual musicianship; it may drift just beyond the comprehension of some. For me though, this is just the ticket.

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